You Don't Have To Choose Between Building a Strong Family And Building a Strong Career

We know it can be hard to get children from one place to another, especially with all the demands placed on parents today. GoNanny exists to make your life easier.

We provide Care Rides (safe pickup and drop-offs to and from school and activities) and Child Care in short intervals (30mins, 45mins, 1hr) for busy families.

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See The GoNanny Difference

5 decades of experience

Childcare experts with over 5 decades of experience developed the GoNanny platform to best assist busy families. See why our professional care, expert knowledge, and in-depth training can offer you the peace of mind you need for your family.

The GoNanny Difference >>

What We Offer

Care Rides

Designed by childcare experts.  Driven by childcare professionals.

Child Care

Care and assistance booked in 15 minute increments.

“I met Patrice at a tech event in Chicago and admired her passion for her business concept....Her business GoNanny has saved my family this summer. The concept is amazing and the service is EXCELLENT. It’s safe enough for even my 8 month old daughter. I couldn’t live without this service!”
— Laurie, Mother

Our GoNannies are as diverse as the families we serve.

Because entrusting another to care for your family means they are an extension of you.

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