GoNannies are as diverse as the families we serve. 

But they all became a GoNanny because...



  • When a family outgrows you, you aren't out of a job - true job security.
  • We offer performance based pay increases.
  • There is real opportunity for growth - become a GoNanny team lead, manager or even more. 
  • There we are a community for likeminded, childcare professionals to engage with one another.
  • Work is consistent every week and can also be on weekends if you want.
  • You share in the responsibility of building your work schedule. 
  • Payroll is ran on time - every single Friday.
  • Weekly bonuses can be earned for going above and beyond. 
  • There is opportunity for vacation days after just one month.

It takes a special kind of person to earn the GoNanny title - here's how it's done.


Identify if you are a good fit

Our childcare experts conduct a thorough interview with each candidate. We examine experience level, reactions to situations, and passion to embody GoNanny’s mission.

Our 22-point safety system is what we use to determine if you are the right fit to join our GoNanny Team. This allows us to ensure our safety meter remains at 100% while building a strong team.


Safety is our top priority


Teach, model & practice

GoNanny’s leads the childcare industry in innovation. Our training equips you to take your childcare skills to the next level.