When you partner with GoNanny you can offer your families


Helping busy parents provide their child with a ride to and from an activity that takes place when they can't take them themselves.

Incremental child care

Enabling your program to outsource before and after hours childcare without incurring operational costs.

How It Works

Partnering your program or organization with GoNanny to provide affordable transportation options to busy families is simple. Once you become an official partner:

  1. You'll work with GoNanny to promote this new service to the families involved in your program. 
  2. Offer the option to include GoNanny services as part of a bundle with your program costs.   
  3. Enjoy the ride of creating ease for busy parents and watch your program grow!

Do you have a few specific questions right now?  Check out our Partner FAQ to find fast answers.

Our Partners

GoNanny provides our after-school program safe and reliable transportation for our children who all come on different schedules. Transportation was once a cumbersome task on our daily administrative duties. With GoNanny, our transportation is always taken care of and we now have extra time to do what we do best.
— Spenser, Jewish Enrichment Center

I’m quite impressed with the level of professionalism, background checking, and experience required for GoNanny employees. It’s above and beyond what an “uber” could provide. They’ve also incorporated technology-enabled tools to keep parents in the know of where their child is at all times. Having this service certainly has provided a competitive advantage above my B4K competition. I am so excited about this partnership!
— -Myra, Bricks4Kids Program