Making Your Life as a Parent Easier. 

Studio Three parents! We know that finding time to work out is hard. Who is going to watch your nugget for just two hours so you can get a work out in? We want to help. Enter GoNanny. Studio Three has partnered with us to offer short-term Shared child care conveniently located at the homes of Studio Three members. 

You can get Shared Care right now. You can get GoNanny services in packages of 10. One credit is good for 1 hour of shared care ($10) at a Studio Three home. 

Get free childcare by becoming a host home!

Do you live within a mile of studio three?  Is it easy to come and go from your home?  Are you a pet and smoke free household?

If you answered yes to the above questions, open up your home for the ultimate nanny share and playdate. Free to you and your kid(s) are taken care of!

Email to learn more. 

It’s hard to make time for yourself as a new parent. Partnering with GoNanny allows us to give parents that time they need, to do what makes them feel normal and create a new community for themselves.
— Lizzie Grant


What's Being Offered?

Safe, dependable, and consistent GoNannies, vetted by a rigorous 22-point screening system will provide Shared Care, daily access to interactive play and engaging activities in a small group setting before, during, and after classes.

  • Offered in increments of 2 hours.
  • Increments start every hour on the hour.
  • Booking options align directly with class schedules.
  • Easy drop-off before and pick up after.
  • GoNannies, the childcare providers, are the same every session. 

How Will It Work?

You pick the best day and time combination for your family. You'll be able to book a recurring day or days for the month through GoNanny's online scheduler. The day off the class, simply drop-off & pick up your kiddo.

Select Studio Three members have signed up to graciously allow their homes to serve as a Shared Care host locations. You determine which location and time works best for your schedule.

What Should I Do Next?

Step 1: Once you schedule your GoNanny service. you'll receive a confirmation email and details about your assigned, consistent GoNanny.

Step 2: On the day of the service, just drop off your kiddos for shared care.

Step 3. If you sign up to be a host family for shared care, you get free childcare for your kiddos! Email Lizzie from Studio Three to learn more.