Making Your Life as a Parent Easier!

We know it can be hard to get children from one place to another while working. That's why Wishcraft Workshop has partnered with GoNanny so you can choose the best program for your family regardless of your own commute and work commitments.We have an amazing crew ready to help you!

Want to Set Up Your Schedule for the Fall?

You can schedule Care Rides right now for the Fall. You can get GoNanny services in packages of 10. One credit is good for a single care ride ($10) to OR from Wishcraft Workshop.

What's Being Offered?

Safe, dependable, and consistent GoNannies providing Care Rides, carpool pickup and drop-offs, to and from Wishcraft Workshop programming. Care rides are purchased by the week, each way: 

  • Morning home pickup; drop off at school (M-F)
  • Afternoon school pickup; dropoff at Wishcraft Workshop (M-F)
  • Evening Wishcraft Workshop pickup; dropoff at home (and additional childcare time available) (M-F)

How Does It Work?

GoNanny utilizes vehicles for carpools that seat 5 children and will pick up your child at the same time every morning before class.

Once the routes have been optimized, you will be provided with a set pickup time for the entire week, based on the most efficient route for all families. 

What is the Process?

Step 1: Once you schedule your GoNanny service. you'll receive a confirmation email and details about your assigned, consistent GoNanny.

Step 2: On the day of the service, monitor your ride with GPS tracking and check-in alerts provided by GoNanny.